Corrosion Chambers

Corrosion Chambers with Recirculating Air and Alternating Climate Control Salt Event, Type SC/UKWT

High humidity, salty air, seawater, and gritting salt – many small and large things in daily life are exposed to corrosive atmospheres. Corrosion does not just affect base metals, but also high-alloyed, tempered materials, plastics, and painted surfaces. That‘s why corrosion resistance is an important quality indicator and safety feature for many products.

With the weisstechnik Corrosion Chambers with Recirculating Air and Alternating Climate Control SaltEvent SC/UKWT, you can simulate the effect of salt spray, condensation, and standard climates – individually, combined, and automatically. Thanks to the sophisticated construction and high quality workmanship, the test devices have excellent temperature consistency and in this way, they guarantee correct and reliable results.

Reliable measurement results are possible thanks to:
• Optimal spray mist distribution due to a precision two-component nozzle
• Extremely stable temperatures due to a double-shell construction with internal insulation and heated compressed air humidifier with water level control
• Adjustable flow meter and doser for solution
• Test space and hood construction in accordance with all standards: any droplets created by the spray cannot drip on the samples tested.

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